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Spine Protect

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Shoulder and Neck Problems? We Got You. 

Combat dreadful upper back and neck pain, and poor posture by using Spine Protect trigger point massage for only 10 minutes a day!  

 Relieve Upper Back, Shoulder, and Neck pain/tension

 Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Migraines

 Improve Posture

 Molds for a Custom Experience

"As a mother and dentist who struggles with pain in my neck and shoulder blades, I finally found relief using Spine Protect. I recommend it to those with similar issues."

Desiree Yorkshire, Dentist

Made by experts, backed by science  

Daily activities, sitting all-day, extended computer/phone usage, or physical activities can lead to spine and posture imbalances

Spine Protect is perfect for

 Upper Back Pain from sitting too often/computer work

 Slouching Postures

 Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic Pain

 Faster Recovery Time from Exercises Soreness

 Sciatica Relief

What makes Spine Protect unique?

Answer: The Scientific Concept of 14-Deep Tissue Trigger Points

Designed to mimic the spine, the 14 different-sized knobs offer deep tissue massaging across the different "trigger points" along your neck and shoulder blades.

The V-shaped curve aligns perfectly with the neck and shoulder blades to maximize the effect on trigger points.

Understanding Trigger Points

A trigger point is a small patch of very tightly contracted skeletal muscle. When formed in our muscles, trigger points can potentially cause a lot of harm resulting in pain, stiffness, physical limitation, loss of normal function, and tension headaches

How Do Trigger Points Effect You?

Trigger points form when a muscle is contracted for too long. This causes the muscle to choke off its own blood supply (oxygen & nutrients).

By laying on Spine Protect you use your body weight to apply gentle pressure on the most common trigger points

Through deep sustained pressure, the muscle is able to reset and return to its relaxed state

How does Spine Protect work?

The 14 deep-tissue knobs target trigger points to reduce pain

Strategically positioned and designed to just apply the right pressure to massage your neck, release pinched nerves, and loosen those knots. 

When used correctly, Spine Protect will give you a brand new sense of what relief can really feel like. 

Quick results, long-term effects

Only 10 minutes a day is needed for effective long-term results. Improve poor posture, and reduce tension & chronic pain caused by our everyday life. 

Instant relief, whenever, wherever you need it

Either lay down on your back or slide into your office chair for upper back tension relief while you work!

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