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Pregnancy Pillow

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Get the ultimate comfort and support with our pregnancy pillow

These pillows are ideal for use during pregnancy and for those suffering from upper or lower back pain. They also help to relieve hip, shoulder, neck and joint pain by providing great support to your spine, muscles and joints.

The supporting U-Shape, cocoons your whole body into a comforting position and helps to relieve pressure on joints and sore areas. As these pillows are made to be used by expecting mothers and even after birth, we ensure only the best quality super soft fibre is used for the filling, and the pillow is machine washable, anti allergenic and able to be tumble dried on a low heat setting.


  • Machine Washable & Tumble dry

  •  Anti Allergenic

  • Eco-Friendly Reusable

  • 100% Bounce back Hollow fibre

How it works ?

There is no right or wrong way to use the pillow. However, The ideal methods to use a pregnancy pillow, appear to be tucking it between knees, using it to support the belly while laying on the sides, or plopping it on to support the back

Easy to use

We recommend this for pregnant mothers who are attempting to find sleeping positions that are suitable for their expanding belly.

Pregnancy pillows can also be quite helpful for non-pregnant people looking for relaxing sleeping positions that don't strain their backs.

The Huggly is flexible for many use of comfort from feeding the baby to resting the baby on or even giving you something to hug at night

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