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Neck Pain Relief

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Many people suffer from neck pain for different reasons. Some have injuries whether it is from an accident or heavy lifting some have bad sleeping posture or strenuous jobs while others have been used to using modern technology which just is not designed today for human comfort.

The repetitive use of computers, tablets, and smartphones causes your head to lean forward which increases the pressure and it   becomes up to five times heavier causing headache, neck pain, poor posture, fatigue, poor blood circulation to the brain, and much more.


The Neck Pain Relief gently stretches the neck helps to hydrate discs, increases blood circulation, release muscular tension and is designed to restore the natural curve of the neck

This aids in recovery and can reverse significant damage to the neck region. This results in long term relief from neck pain and muscular soreness.

It has 2 positions, the convex side provides a reduced amount of traction and is ideal for someone with chronic neck pain and stiff neck. 

The concave side provides the greatest stretch, and should be worked up to when beginning to use the  Neck Pain Relief. 

Our Product has been recommended by chiropractors as an effective way to get pain relief for its great benefits!

For less than 1/5 of the cost of one therapist treatment, you can get consistent pain relief for a fraction of a cost of a chiropractor. 


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