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LED Plant Grow Light

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Take your plant care to the next level in minutes.

3 adjustable arms covered in Red and Blue LED chips are exactly what you need to promote healthy and fast growth in your plants. An automatic on/off timer, lightning-fast install, and full spectrum light make this grow light the indoor gardening solution you have been searching for.

Suitable and recommended for

  • Common Houseplants : Brighten up your home with our powerful plant lights and color spectrum optimized for beautiful, healthy growth during every significant stage of plant development.
  • Seed Starting : Not only will you promote successful growth and greater yields, you’ll reduce the risk of your plants becoming diseased.
  • Succulents : Keep your succulents thriving in the right conditions, and they'll bring you years of enjoyment.

Lack of natural light in your home?

These lights are a great way to grow and maintain healthy plants indoor. They cover the crucial color spectrum used by plants during all stages of growth, ensuring your plant will get what it needs to live a happy healthy life!

3 color switch modes

Red Light : Increases chlorophyll production, helping to stimulate flower growth and speed fruit production.

Blue Light : Specially tuned to deliver the optimal light spectrum for vegetative growth and developing strong roots.

Red + Blue : With this combination of red & blue lights, it encourages healthy photosynthesis and vegetation in indoor plants.

Package Inlcudes

  • 1 x Led Plant Grow Light
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