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HUMIDIFIER™ - Air Humidifier

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The HUMIDIFIER™   Air Purifier & Humidifier promotes healthy and easy breathing by optimal humidifying and ionizing the air around you. In a single release, it works efficiently to rid your home of  pathogens, dirt, dust particles, allergens, germs, bacteria, and other irritants. It removes all invisible substances to ensure that there are no possibilities of developing any respiratory or health issues in your house. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of getting flu due to cold weather and prevents flu from spreading to others in the home.                      

With the HUMIDIFIER™ Air Purifier, you are guaranteed that it will remove all dust particles in the air to facilitate clean and healthy breathing all the time. The negative ion generator will help to purify the air by settling down the airborne particles. If you have any allergy-related issues, the air purifier guarantees to keep you safe all the time by eliminating any potential threats on air.     


  • HUMIDIFIER & AIR PURIFIER 2-IN-1: It emits cool ultrasonic mist to humidify and ionize the air. It ensures to keep your indoor air clean and safe for you even during cold weather seasons. 
  • INCREASE AIR HUMIDITY: Great for reducing dust and allergens in your space which can reduces sinus inflammation. 
  • IMPROVE MENTAL CLARITY: Increased levels of oxygen in the air can increase awareness, relaxation and focus. 
  • OFFERS 360° ROTATION: Flexible twisting allows you to adjust the perfect right angle for spraying.
  • COLOR LIGHT PROJECTION: The Colorful LED light on top of the device help create a magical projection. Also, you could get it to work as a night light.
  • SAFE & AUTO SHUT-OFF: A built-in water level sensor inside will automatically turn off the power when the water is lower than the safe water level.


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