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PowerBlast™ - High Pressure SandBlaster

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Give your pressure washer even more power by adding the PowerBlast™ Wet Sandblaster Attachment Kit. Easily remove paint, rust, stains, graffiti, and other tough stuck on grime. More abrasive cleaning force with less effort, and no harsh chemicals like thinners or acids.The best addition you’ll buy for your power washer, hands down!


  • QUICK SETUP The PowerBlast™ clamps onto your pressure washer in under 30 seconds with an M22 universal adapter, so you can get started on your project right away!
  • DUSTLESS SANDBLASTING Traditional dry sandblasting generates clouds of dust which can be extremely dangerous if inhaled. The PowerBlast™ Wet Sandblasting Kit is mostly dust-free, allowing you to work on your projects safely and conveniently in your backyard or driveway. 
  • NO HEAT DAMAGE Whether it’s warping, bending, or discoloration, heat can have irreversible effects on some materials such as plastic or thin metal. The PowerBlast™ Wet Sandblasting Attachment Kit keeps the temperature under control so your surface will never overheat.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY No need to hire someone else or buy large or expensive equipment to get professional results.
  • EASY TO USE If you can use a power washer, then you can use the PowerBlast™ Wet Sandblasting Attachment Kit.


  • Designed to remove rust, paint, stains, graffiti, and other stubborn materials from various surfaces.
  • The PowerBlast™ is a portable sand blasting gun kit, that is easy to install and stores small when not in use.
  • Built for durability, strength, and longevity. Made of premium materials that prevent rust and corrosion.


  • Material:Copper, Stainless Steel
  • Hose Length:10 inches
  • Max Pressure:180bar / 2600psi
  • Max Temperature:60oC / 140oF
  • 1000-4000 PSI, it can also use baking soda, dry silica sand, and glass beads.
  • M22 Universal Adapter Included- Works With Any Pressure Washer!


  • Sandblaster (Top quality ceramic nozzle)
  • Stainless Steel Lance (Length 18" / 46cm)
  • Transparent Siphon Hose (Length 3m)
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