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Golf Swing Trainer

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Improve Your Golf Game And Save Money On Coaching!

If you're looking to improve all aspects of your swing, bomb your driver past your friends and shoot lower scores, the Golf Swing Trainer is the proven tool to accomplish your Golf goals.       

Use this time off to make some of the biggest changes so you come back ready when golf season rolls around again!  
  • 10-20 swings every day will improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility
  • Easy to use – simply swing the back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, as if swinging to a metronome
  • Fights slices and flattens the swing
  • Low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up
  • Fits easily your bag – legal to carry on the course
  • Advanced Grip – Ergonomic design & non-slip
  • Providing Excellent traction and control
If you’re not doing anything to work on your swing before than you might end up spending the first 1-2 months of the golf season just trying to get back into the swing of things. So, what can you do to prevent your swing from going dormant over the winter?

You can use This Swing Trainer in the comfort of your own home to continually groove your swing without having to worry about where your ball will end up because it is attached!

Swinging for as little as 5-10 minutes a day will not only keep your golfing muscles fresh, but it will also help you find a smooth, rhythmic swing that eludes many players.

Imagine if someone replaced the club head of your favorite iron with a yellow golf ball. That’s exactly what Swing Trainer looks like and roughly how it works!


  • Can be used by left or right-handed players
  • It designed for men, women & children
  • Our best selling Golf Swing Trainer greatly improves swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. It's a favorite of many golf professionals for warming up, tempo training and producing the necessary lag to bomb that driver.
  • The Swing Trainer golf features an exaggerated flex in the shaft which helps lengthen your swing by keeping your hands and arms extended. This creates the necessary power and flexibility needed to help you crush your drive and gain more distance.
  • The extra flex also helps develop a slight lag at the top of your backswing, establishing the ideal swing tempo and prevents casting the club.
  • During the follow through, the golf swing trainer encourages proper weight transfer, balance, and form using the momentum of the weighted head.


  • 1 x Golf Swing Trainer
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