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Frizz Wand™ | Frizzy Hair Brush

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Goodbye Frizz!

Hello, beautiful hair! The Frizz Wand™ Wand instantly neutralizes frizz and adds natural shine to your hair. 
Even the heat relaxes each hair folicle. The soft warmth coerces your hair strands into naturally falling into place.
There's a reason it's titled the quickest way to safely glamourize your hair!

Perfect Heating Technology

At the push of a button, the Frizz Wand™ lightly heats the gentle nylon-tipped ceramic bristles made to give you a perfect finish.
The warm bristles soothe all frizzling and provide a natural shine afterward.

Your hair will thank you for leaving it refreshed and relaxed!


Beautiful Hair Anywhere, Anytime

Now you can have luscious hair on the go. Yes, it's totally wireless and charges with USB-C. That means you can charge it at work, in your car, or simply at home!

Key Features

✔️ Brush away bad hair days.
✔️ Wireless so you can style wherever.
Bristle tips stay cool to the touch.
✔️ Light setting relaxes hair for the salon look.
✔️ High setting straightens without damage.

Fight Frizz with Magic

Poof! Calm morning frizz with the push of a button. Light heat relaxes hair letting it fall naturally in place, without damage.

Sleep in! Frizz Wand cuts hours off your morning de-frizzing routine. Just wake up and brush. Or, take it with you and style on the go.

Brush Modes

Light: 212ºF - De Frizz
254ºF - Straighten Light Hair
 300ºF - Straighten Heavy Hair

Bristles help straighten hair with lower temperatures. Rechargeable battery lasts for 40 min and charges with USB-C.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Frizz Wand™ 
  • Instructions
  • USB Cable
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