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Double Dog Leash

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Do you have two dogs? Then you know this it is not always easy to keep both at the same time. The best friend of man often has his own will (thank Goodness). If you want to walk with two dogs, it is a never-ending task to prevent the dogs from becoming entangled. This can not happen with Double Dog Leash 


  • Double-headed leash, if you have two dogs, this leash will provide you with great convenience.

  • 360° rotatable, to avoid two ropes entangled with each other, let dogs play freely and you do not need to worry about the rope winding.

  • With a forward push button, each rope is controlled independently. When you walk one dog, the other rope can be put away without affecting the use.
  • LED lights to make walking dogs more convenient at night while improving the safety of walking at night.
  • High-strength reflective nylon webbing, easy-to-find dogs at night, strong wear resistance to prevent the rope from breaking.


Thanks to the comfortable & tangle-free leash your dog/dogs will experience a comfortable & smooth walk.
The innovative 360° spin avoids any tangling and ensures that your dogs can run & play freely all the time.
With the 2 built-in leashes you can take 2 dogs for a walk at the same time.
Treat yourself & your dogs with this multifunctional & innovative & convenient dog leash.

WHY Double Dog Leash?

  • 360° anti-tangle innovation
  • Comfortable for you & your fur baby
  • Includes poop bag storage
  • Reflective nylon leash for added safety
  • Flashlight for night walks
  • Suitable for 2 dogs at the same time


  • Often tangle
  • Uncomfortable for your dog
  • No ergonomic handles
  • Not reflective 
  • No built-in 360° retractable anti tangle system
  • Can only be used for one dog at a time
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