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Curly™ Heated Eyelash Curler

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All Day Lasting Eyelash Curls

Curly™ Heated Eyelash Curler provides all day lasting curls for both soft and thick lashes. If your tired of short lasting curls and expensive eyelash treatments - our heated eyelash curled was designed with you in mind! Our curler was specifically designed with two safe temperature settings (high/low) that will make curling your lashes easier than ever!  

 Safe Temperature Settings

This design holds two temperature settings that provide longer lasting curls without damaging your lashes. The green light indicates a low temperature (150°F/65°C) for short and soft lashes; blue light is the high temperature (185°F/85°C) for long and thick/hard lashesChoose a temperature setting that best suits your lashes and comfort level.

Easy to Use & Quick Preheat

Begin use by simply pressing and holding the button (~2 sec) until green light comes on (low temp) and allow 30 seconds for preheat. Click button again for blue light (High temp). Clip lashes for 3-5 seconds and move handle slowly above 90 degrees. Repeat as needed. 

*For best results, recommend applying mascara for final styling.

No More Accidental Pinches

Absolutely painless! The Curly™ Heated Eyelash Curler was made with skin-friendly silicone pads to avoid any contact to the eyelid. You no longer have to worry about accidentally pinching yourself!

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