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Car Windscreen Cleaner

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Cleaning your car's windshield manually can be a bit time-consuming. Having the right tools while cleaning them can make your work much more efficient and quicker. If you are looking for such kind of tool that can clear out your windshield in no time, then this Car Folding Windshield Rotating Fog Clean Brushes Windscreen Tool is the perfect option for you. It can also be folded to take  minimum space for storage and can be kept in your car’s glove compartment.                                                                 


It is made from polyester microfiber which lasts for a longer period of time. It comes with a cloth that strongly absorbs all the water to clean out the dirt and dust effectively from the surface. You can also wash this cloth easily in your washing machine and blow dry it without causing any damage. The size of this tool is quite appropriate and is perfect for cleaning hard to reach corners. It comes with a dimensions of 15.3 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches.     

The design of the tool is very unique. It comes with a buckle that can be easily detached when it is not in use and can be assembled within seconds when you want to go for some cleaning. This is a great multipurpose tool and highly durable and sturdy.  


This tool reduces your efforts of cleaning the windshield and makes the task much easier. It can also extend to the sides of the windows which are usually considered as hard to reach places for various other tools.  You can conveniently use this tool to clean the interior and exterior windows of your house and cars, glass screens, mirrors…

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