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Groomy™ Brush

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Do not harm the pet's skin and hair, easily clean its body, and keep it clean and comfortable!
.Learn about our products in five seconds:
  • Remove naturally shed hair
  • Remove dust and mud
  • Remove dead skin and hair 
  • Massage tools
  • Easy to carry and clean     
  • Suitable for most horses, cats, and dogs.   
Remove Shedding Hair – Blade-Free!

Without using a blade, a professional beauty hair removal brush may rapidly brush off loose hair that comes off naturally.
Lift & Remove Embedded Dirt The edge of the massage brush can quickly scrape the dust off the horse, keeping it clean and dry!
Stretch & Warm Muscles

The Grooming Massage Brush was originally conceived as a massage tool to warm and stretch tissue and muscles while increasing circulation. Ideal to use before saddling, as well as post-work-out.
  • Product Weight: 312 G
  • Package Contents: Groomy™ Brush
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